Dutch Master decided to quit his music making career

Dutch Master

Dutch Master decides to quit his music making career! According to him there are many different reasons, the biggest one being the fact that his girlfriend is pregnant of identical twins.

Diffuzion Records will still continue to release music, thanks to Shockwave. We wish him all the best in the world! Check out his statement below:

“A final Thank You! This is it. I’ve decided to quit my music career. There are many reasons why I’ve made this decision but the most important one is that I want to enjoy a stable life. My wonderful girlfriend is pregnant of identical twins and I can’t wait to become a family man.

I want to thank everyone who believed in me! DJing for an enthusiastic audience was incredible and something I will never forget. Interaction with fans, sharing the same passion, it was great!

A big thank you to all promoters for bringing me around the world. The adventures were priceless.

My record label Diffuzion Records will continue releasing hardstyle! Many thanks to Shockwave for keeping it alive! I will always love hardstyle and never stop listening to it!

Shout out to all of you, the musical journey was marvelous!


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